We want to change the boating world!

Despite the climate crisis and enormous emissions, noisy petrol-powered boats continue to be used in our waters.

We think it's terrible. Therefore, electric boats should be for everyone. They must be easy to use, easily accessible and contribute to saving the environment. Just like Bowter.

Great profitability for you too

It is not only profitable for the environment when you rent an electric boat with Bowter. Your business can earn from SEK 299,000 already in the second year.

As one of Bowter's rental partners, you keep 70% of the turnover, which allows you to earn the boat's purchase price and much more in the second year.

We want to create electric boats for everyone

Bowter is so easy to use that no previous boating experience is required. In addition, there are ready-made routes to choose from that help you navigate and plan your ride according to the boat's battery life.

With Bowter's automatic rental system, you can easily rent a boat with your mobile phone. The diligent user can subscribe to the Flow service and have a guaranteed place on a boat within 48 hours.

Please note that the age limit for renting and driving the boat is 18 years.

"I will never forget the first time we saw a couple rent the boat quite spontaneously when we were standing on the dock a few meters away. It was a cool experience"

- Jonas Ulveseth, CEO

Make the most of the hours of sunshine.

The boat's solar panels not only charge the boat so you can enjoy the ride longer, they also function as a bathing platform.

On a sunny day, the solar panel generates approximately half of what the boat consumes while in motion. Additionally, the boat's flat underside contributes to extremely low energy consumption at low speeds and calm waters.

Keep track of the boat's battery status and the remaining time of your booking using your phone. On a day with limited sunlight, you can ride for approximately five consecutive hours. Destinations ensures that the boats have enough battery life for the entire booking period.

Rapid growth in a short period of time

Bowter launches its first boat, receives a prize and several dragons jump aboard.

Since the start in 2020, the boat has grown from a prototype with room for 2 people to a luxury boat for 6 people and also expanded its range. Bowter has established contacts with important partners such as Zebco, Kongsberg Maritime, STING, RISE, Glava Energy and has been awarded the SKAPA prize, Sweden's largest innovation prize.

After the success and participation in SVT's program Draknästet, in 2022, several dragons jumped on board on Bowter and invested millions in the company.

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