EQ 500

With a dream of giving more people the opportunity to experience the beautiful environments we have in Sweden, the idea of a boat that charges itself with solar panels was born. With technical finesse and a focus on simplicity, we also created a system that allows sharing a boat with others and experiencing nature together.

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Så vill vi själva karakterisera Bowter EQ. Med den här båten får du den perfekta plattformen för ett bekymmerfritt ägande av en båt som sköter sig själv utöver vad du själv trodde var möjligt.


Automatic bailing
Automatic interactive nautical chart with geofencing to prevent the boat from running aground.
Wheel steering
Boarding detection, alerts when someone boards the boat without it being rented. (patent pending, under development)
More stable than most boats on the market.
Jetty that opens up access to the water and can be used as a swimming platform.


Included: Engine, solar panel, integrated tablet, one 2.5kW Lithium battery, and Bowter online and router
System power: 24V
Motor power: max 1600W
System fuse: 72A
Solar: 370 W
Battery capacity: 2.5-7.5kW (standard 2.5kW) Discover® LITHIUM BLUE LiFePO4 Premium


LOA: 4994 mm Bh: 1.99 m (Canoe body 1.87mm)
BOA: 2.02 Q m
Lightweight: 620 kg mLDC: 1100 kg (maximum load including packing and people)
Draft (mLDC) to keel: 0.30 Q
Draft (mLDC) to propeller: 0.38 m
Draft (mLDC) to propeller guard: 0.45 m
Number of persons: 6 Weight on manufacturer's plate (people + luggage): 480 kg
Speed range (category) C

Construction of laminate parts:

Hull, deck, and other laminate parts are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester with a gelcoat surface layer. Where the construction is sandwich laminate, the core is made of divinycell. The bottom beam is glued to the hull with a structural adhesive.

Your boat online

EQ 500 is equipped with AI Captain, an automated rental system that allows the boat owner to rent out their boat via Bowter's booking service and also via scanning of a QR code.

The system includes features such as route planning where the destination owner can draw out recommended tours, add attractions, and also indicate where not to go. There is support for other services such as food and drink from other local businesses, etc.


GPS, you can see in real time where your boats are
Estimated battery availability and time, so you can see when you should turn around to get back in time.
Map that updates in real time
Boarding detection, alerts when someone boards the boat without it being rented. (patent pending, under development)