Bowter destination

What is Bowter destination?

Bowter Destination is an excellent solution for those who want to expand their business with a fully automated boat rental featuring our solar-charging electric boats.

At Bowter, we will be able to assist and provide tips on how you can run a successful destination.

Discover how easy and profitable it is to contribute to making boating accessible to everyone.

Can I join?

Bowter is looking for businesses near the water. Whether you already have a pier or are planning to build one soon, you are exactly who we're looking for.

Since Bowter's system enables increased sales of food and beverages, we also welcome cafe, hotel, and restaurant owners to explore collaboration with us.

Additionally, if you're already running a business that offers water-related activities, such as pedal boats, we'd love to hear from you.

“Even though I had no prior experience in boat rentals, I've established a successful destination with the help of Bowter.

I thought it sounded like a fun idea and an exciting concept. If I can do it, so can you."

- Victor Blomgren, Bowter Sigtuna


In our examples, we assume that a season is 4 months long and that the boat's purchase price is SEK 349,000. All prices include VAT.

Example 1

You have 1 boat, rent out 3 hours every day where each hour costs SEK 750.

SEK 124,550 in profit already in the second year

Example 2

You have 3 boats, rent out 3 hours every day where each hour costs SEK 750.

SEK 373,650 in profit already in the second year

Payouts to the destination occur on a monthly basis

Try our profit calculator

Bowter EQ500

  • Self sufficant through solar cells
  • Electric-motor
  • Designed to work well in speeds below 5 knots
  • Designed to give a feel of comfort and safety for families
  • Can be transported on a regular boat trailer
  • Pulpit with steering wheel
  • Designed to be rent out through our own system IO Captain and Bowter Pilot
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Business Plans

There are three paths to Bowter Destination. If you want a hands-on experience and manage much of it yourself, we recommend buying or leasing your own boats.

If you have a perfect location for a destination but want us to take care of the operation, you can invest in a destination and let us handle the rest.



  • Booking system
  • Payment system
  • Administrative control
  • Theft protection
  • Collision monitoring
  • Man overboard system
  • Digitally lockable hatches
  • Bowter smart-chart
  • Coupons
  • First-line support
  • Customizable landing page
  • Google maps, maps, and TripAdvisor
  • Additional products
  • Quote system
  • Global campaigns

599 SEK/month*
10-30% of revenue**
However, a minimum of 3,500 SEK/month applies

* The base fee covers the data and server costs for the services. ** The percentage is calculated through a revenue ladder. See details in our brochure.

Add ons

  • Insurance through Atlantica 2000 SEK/season
  • Winter storage 10,000 SEK/season
  • Spare parts in our webshop
  • Repairs (Contact us)

Revenue ladder

Bowter takes a percentage of the rental earnings with each monthly payout. This percentage is based on a revenue ladder that is valid throughout the entire season.

For the first 40,000 SEK in revenue, Bowter takes 30%.

Then, from 40,000 SEK to 100,000 SEK, 20% of the revenue.

From 100,000 SEK to 200,000 SEK, 10%, and if revenue exceeds 200,000 SEK, 5%.

This tier is reset at the beginning of each year to fairly manage the earnings.

Set up

Initial purchases

To ensure a successful start when building your destination from the ground up, you may need to make some initial purchases.

Here are some examples:

  • Y-bars
  • Marketing materials, signs, brochures
  • Safety equipment, such as life jackets
  • Mooring packs, anchors with accessories
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Dock fenders
  • Seat cushions


You can collaborate with local businesses and, in doing so, increase your revenue and offer your customers add-on packages. For example, food and beverages.

Perfect for events

Allow businesses to tailor a kickoff event with Bowter at the center, let the newlyweds arrive at their wedding reception in style, or collaborate with the city's finest restaurant for a cozy lakeside picnic.

Bowter is a social platform where nothing is impossible.

Administrative control

You gain access to an administrative page on the website where you control your destination, including:

Boat Overview

An overview of all your electric boats. Here, you can see battery status in the form of a percentage, charging status, and consumption.


Track the real-time location of your boats.


Create custom routes for your customers to use during their boat trips. Additionally, you can use geo-fencing zones to mark areas where the boats are allowed or not allowed to operate, especially to avoid shallow areas.


Manage all incoming support messages related to your destination.

Activity Feed

Track the events related to your boats in real-time. Including when they are started and stopped.


Full overview of all past and upcoming bookings.


Get a clear overview of your destination's revenue.


Create customized coupons with various offers.

Landing Page

Customize how your landing page appears to customers when booking boats.

“To be a destination owner is a truly unique opportunity to combine my passions for future technology with a social connection to nature. Witnessing the joy in every new BOWTER customer is incredibly rewarding.

As a destination owner, you're not choosing a job; you're choosing a wonderful lifestyle!”

- Björn Karlsson, Bowter Växjö

Customer experience


Bowter's contract requires the customer to accept terms and conditions when renting a boat. By accepting this contract, the customer commits to following the rules and regulations established by Bowter for a safe and responsible boating experience. This agreement is designed to protect both the customer, the destination and Bowter.


Bowter Flow is our subscription service that offers customers unlimited access to electric boats for a fixed monthly fee. It is a flexible subscription where the destination itself determines the monthly cost.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We encourage customers to make early cancellations, preferably at least 48 hours before the scheduled rental time, which allows for a full refund or the option to reschedule the booking for a later time at no extra cost.

For early cancellations, the refund process is automatic and typically takes 5-7 business days.

For late cancellations, made less than 48 hours before the rental time, we cannot offer any refunds. However, customers can still reschedule their bookings to utilize the rental time at another time and minimize the loss.

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